Monday, September 10, 2012

Anyoung Haseyo .. Hello from Korea

We've officially been in Korea for over a month already. WHEW where did the days all go?  We've kept the kids busy trying new food, seeing new places and definitely trying new things. We went back to Italy Pizza for their yummy pizza that the kids love! Bulgogi pizza is fabulous..Here is three of my four enjoying the stretchy cheese! YUM!

We also found what they used to call Walmart. IT is now appropriately called E-Mart. It's two levels and yes, you got it, has a MacDonald's in it.
 Found some good deals, and plan on going back to actually buy food, as we only brought a little won (Korean Money) to shop that day. They do sell pets, ie hamsters, fish, bunny rabbits, turtles, etc, might be getting the kiddos a pet (without hair if we can help it) But oddly enough, their allergies here aren't bad.So all in all that was a good week. The kids have started school as well. Michala is in 5th grade, Joelton in 3rd, and Colsen is in 2nd (until proper paperwork is put through and he is moved up to 3rd as well) Be blessed my friends!