Wednesday, October 8, 2008


well went to the orthopedic dr for the results today, and YES it is surgery for me.. I get to call it though, ,when i want it etc. with me still breastfeeding the dr didn't know how that would effect avery after the fact. so if anyone has that info pass it my way.. i am hoping i get the info from the dr within the next day or so, that way i can maybe find someone to take me for the surgery. I sure wish my darling hubby was here, it would make things a little easier.. I could only hope that his work would let him get off to take care of me the day of and after surgery.. but it's not that way.. see another thing on the bad list.. SEE it didn't stop at 3... told ya.. ONCE again I am correct, and you are WRONG.. lol...
thank goodness tomorrow is thursday.. we seem to look forward to the weekends here.. kids love sleeping downstairs and doing the movie and popcorn thing. but everyweekend we get to is another week down, and another day sooner that 'daddy' is home.
oh get this, michala lost her first tooth a few weeks ago right, well he new tooth is almost broken through.. bad thing is the tooth next to this (the one that i thought should be out by now) looks like it has a abscess.. so it hurts to wiggle i think it will be a trip to the dentist unless it falls out on it's own.. but the new tooth doesn't seem to have enough room to fit, so now i am worried about how her teeth will look.. poor kid.. so wish me luck on pulling it out tomorrow..
have a good day/night, love to all.. especailly my hubby, stay safe..