Saturday, September 20, 2008

whats a mommy to do.

Well it's almost a week since Mike left, and it's already taking a toll on Joelton. He just doesn't understand daddy isn't just working late. He asks every night "am i gonna see daddy in the morning" or "why is daddy working late again".. I have told him daddy is gone for a trip, but what else should i say or do.. ? It is so hard for me this time around, with all the questions, and such.. Michala wants to know exactly where he is and why he left, and what he is doing over there. Colsen doesnt seem to be too bothered.. I mean he mentions Mike every few days, but doesn't really know where he is. I guess it is easier for his little mind to think like that.
I have been trying to keep myself busy with organizing stuff, and getting rid of stuff.. for the JUST in CASE he comes back with orders, NOT like that is going to happen, but who knows with the military PLUS it keeps my mind from wondering.. and keeping my mind of all the stuff I am goin to have to do while he is gone..
Which reminds me, it is almost time for Joelton's 5th birthday, it's only 11 days away. .. WOW. My little man is growing up.. Maybe this will be his month to grow a little taller.. He's still on the 75% in height and like 50% in weight, his little brother is almost as tall as him.. He thinks his little brother will never be taller than him, because he is the older brother.. BOY is he in for a big suprise
Well it's movie night with the kiddos.. so that means a sleep downstair on the floor with the kids popcorn and a movie.. The kids love it, and it's been a family affair since before Avery was born.. But she sleeps on mommy when we do this.. so she enjoys the closeness of it too!!!

Until next time, keep us in your prayers, especially Mike..

Love to all